Drache Flow Heater Keyfacts

The Drache Flow Heater combines the advantages of gas-fired and electrical preheating systems.

Key advantages:

  • Fast and efficient
  • Very uniform preheating
  • No combustion gases: no NOx, no CO2, no other exhaust gases
  • No generation of moisture
  • Easy to install – only electrical power supply is required

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Technical Data

  • Power: 60 kW, 40kW
  • Max air temperature: 1100 °C
  • Air flow: 135 m3/h (60 kW Flow Heater), 90 m3/h (40 kW Flow Heater)
  • Power supply controlled by a phase angle controller


  • Protection against overheating
  • Required power supply: 400 V 50 Hz or 480 V 60 Hz
  • Required current: 80A (40 kW Flow Heater), 125 A (60 kW Flow Heater)

Flowheater 26P40 Preheating Curve

Flow Heater - RL-DSB Comparison Curve


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