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We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of products for aluminium DC and continuous casting. In addition, Drache also manufactures fully engineered systems, such as filter boxes, launder systems and pre-heating systems and offers relining for degassers and deep bed filters. Our customers are the focus of our activities / are the centre of our attention.


Aluminium DC casting

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Aluminium foundry

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We supply innovative casthouse technology.

Quality – Made in Germany.

Innovative solutions

We put innovation into practice! To provide our customers with the highest quality standards, we collaborate with research facilities to continuously improve and develop our products further. 

A partner with expertise

Customer-specific solutions, the competent execution of projects, and reliable long-term partnerships - we constantly strive for these standards.

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High efficiency and easy handling

The advantages
of our products

High filtration performance

Very efficient / high metal flow rates

Uncomplicated handling

The filter is ready to use

Our quality standard

For more than three decades, we have fulfilled the quality standard
‘Made in Germany’

Top quality standard

We aim to achieve top quality

To provide our customers with the highest quality standards, we collaborate with research facilities to continuously improve and develop our products. As early as 1989, we introduced the duplex filter, which combines two porosities in one filter. Other established in-house developments are the Ceralu® Al2O3 filter, Cerazirk® ZrO2 filter, Cerapor® LDNG filter, and Cerasic® NG filter. In the field of pre-castpre-cast ceramic shapes, our own materials Drache Fused Silica and Fused Silica Fine are proven solutions within the industry. 


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Systems for aluminium casthouses


We supply a wide range of equipment for aluminium casthouses. This includes filter boxes and launder systems for aluminium DC casting as well as transport crucibles for aluminium foundries. The relining of deep bed filters and degassers is part of our ‘all-inclusive’ service package. We cover the full range of services for our engineering products. From the initial design and creation of 3D drawings to the installation and commissioning on site, we are at your side.


Drache Fused Silica


Our materials continuously improve our customers’ production processes. Their key properties are excellent thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity, excellent resistance to alloys, strength, and abrasion resistance. Our materials are Drache Fused Silica and Drache Fused Silica Fine, along with DBN (Drache Boron Nitride) and DKS (Drache Calcium Silicate).

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Customised solutions

Special solutions

Customized individual solutions which perfectly suit your requirements are our specialty. We supply our products not only in the common standard sizes, but also in many fully customized dimensions and designs.

To achieve the best solution for your application, we work closely together. Your needs are the focus of our attention.

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Drache products stand for top quality ‘Made in Germany’. Our company meets all the standards within the industry and is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 14001. Our employees are our greatest asset, so we continuously improve and develop our work health and safety. The protection of the environment and sustainable work are central elements of our company philosophy. 


Long-term partnership

Your strong partner for casthouse technology

We are a diverse, global team of highly qualified engineers and technical production experts. Our mission is always to focus on the interests of our customers and to establish long-term partnerships.

Our promise

  • Fast response time
  • Custom-tailored solutions
  • Outstanding delivery reliability
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We recruit, train, and promote students

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Drache Umwelttechnik

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Providing day-to-day work which is challenging and full of variety, recognising achievement and communicating openly are top priorities for us. We are especially committed to team-oriented work and freedom in career development. With our sites in the US and the United Arab Emirates, we can also provide valuable international experience.

Training + study


Young people can complete an apprenticeship with us, or apprenticeship combined with vocational education. We provide day-to-day work which is challenging and full of variety, linking theory and practice in engaging tasks and independent projects. Deployment in a wide range of departments will give your more extensive experience, complete with practical tasks. Once you have completed the apprenticeship successfully, you have excellent prospects for a permanent position, as we consider ourselves a long-term partner for young talent.

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As our company has a high level of export, you have the opportunity to expand your horizons internationally. With trips abroad and contact with our customers, your entry into the world of Drache can encompass a wide range of experiences. We are always open to adding to our team, for example in the areas: production, technical machine construction, sales for foundry products and systems, purchasing, order processing and management.


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