Drache job portal

As a company with worldwide success, we are looking for motivated staff who is willing to take on responsibility with passion, who is open to new ideas, and can strife for new solutions. We promote initiative by listening to other people’s ideas and suggestions. Every employee is given the chance to develop personally, with a wide range of options.  We believe long-term retention of staff is very important. For this reason, we are particularly committed to our staff’s well-being.

Jobs at Drache


Challenging and varied daily work, the recognition of achievement, and open communication are top priorities for us. We are especially committed to team-oriented work and career development potentials. With our sites in the US and the United Arab Emirates, we can also provide valuable international experience.

Training + study


Young people can complete an apprenticeship or dual study courses with us. We provide challenging and varied day-to-day work. At Drache theory and practice are combined through engaging tasks and independent projects. A deployment in a wide range of departments combined with practical tasks expand the range of experience. Once the apprenticeship is successfully completed, the prospects for a permanent position are excellent, as we consider ourselves a long-term partner for young talent.

Speculative job application


As a company with a high export rate, we offer the opportunity to expand the personal horizon internationally. With trips abroad and contact with our customers, the entry into the world of Drache can encompass a wide range of experiences. We are always open to adding to our team, for example in the areas: production, technical machine construction, technical sales, purchasing, order processing, and management.


Current job vacancies

As a company with a high export rate, you have the opportunity to expand your horizon internationally with trips and contacts abroad. We are always open to adding to our team, in technical machine construction, sales of casthouse products and engineered systems as well as in business management and marketing.